implies training not only in professional skills but also in developing right attitude towards service to others.

What Make Us Spcecial?

Anand College of Nursing under Anand Charitable Trust. Institution is recognized by INC , New Dehli & MNC Mumbai and affiliated to Maharahtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik since 2015 educating graduate and undergraduate students as practitioners and scholars in the nursing profession. The college is committed to provide quality education which contributes to the discipline of nursing and excels in the development, application and dissemination of such knowledge to promote human health and well-being.

  • To become a pioneer institution in nursing education through disseminating value based education, quality service, encouraging innovative approaches in research, molding to leadership, activating faith for balanced success and ongoing growth towards professional excellence.
  • Transform from our college into center of excellence in nursing education & research at par with National & International Standards.
  • Creating innovation in nursing and delivery of health care.
  • Working collaboratively as partners in the delivery of health care with nursing colleagues in hospital and with other professional colleagues.

Unique excellence in education, research and outreach for the protection, Restoration and Promotion of health, an objective of strengthening of health care to the world, strong commitment and the recognition given to its faculty, students and graduates for their outstanding educational, research and service activities. Focus on the delivery of healthcare in the context of the community and the population served; we look beyond at health care in its widest sense and not just focusing on treating illness and injury. Education Inspires, our research changes the world.

To become one of the nation’s providers of high quality teaching and excellence in research, we seek: Strong, in-depth preparation to become the next generation of outstanding leaders in health sciences.

  • Achieve excellence in safe healthcare practices.
  • Design and implement innovative educational methods to train students, educators and scientist with the multi-disciplinary scientific and engineering research to develop the latest healthcare technologies.
  • Developing and capitalize on the strengths of all staff that provide the operational support for an academic health sciences center.
  • Translate scientific discoveries which bridge biology, the physical environment, social, political, cultural and economic factors to discover, understand and improve the health of populations, communities and societies.


The aims and objectives of the college are to provide an educational programme through which the nursing graduates will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary, secondary and tertiary care of the people as professional nurses it is expected that graduates are capable of teaching and setting and participate in the administration of nursing service and education.


We accept the philosophy of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences to which our institution is affiliated. The faculty of Anand College of Nursing believes in providing Nursing education based and built on scientific principles and educational theory and practice in order to prepare professionally qualified staff. We promote all round development of the students with special emphasis on socio-cultural, intellectual and spiritual aspects needed to prepare a professional Nurse who will be a contributing citizen and an “effective change agent” in an ever-changing society. We are committed to provide Nursing education to those who have the potential and motivation to become Nursing educators, Administrators, Clinical specialists and research experts who will be able to contribute towards meeting the issues and challenges confronting the Nursing profession in today’s world. Professional Nursing considers all aspects of patient-centered care achieved by a multi disciplinary approach. Nursing includes the prevention of disease, the promotion, preservation and maintenance of optimum health for individuals and families in hospital and community settings. We uphold and instill respect for life from conception to natural end.

Trust Members

Manik Mangudkar
Anjali Jain
Anandi Annadate